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The BWNO mission is to bring business women together in a virtual environment while offering business resources and networking opportunities for women in business.

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Tiffany Snow - It Works! Independent Consultant
Jess Gonzalez, Independent Scentsy Consultant
Jodi Perez, Younique Presenter

Here at BWNO, we worked hard to provide a network like no other. Most business directories are made available on a company website, but let’s be honest….. We live in a social media crazy world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest (to name a few) have taken over. So that got us thinking, why not create a business directory that takes advantage of some of the most popular social networks?!?! That is what we did, and when you get your business listed with BWNO, you will be seen on those popular websites that you and millions of other customers and business people are on to give you a better chance of sales and networking opportunities.


Welcome to Business Women Networking Online (BWNO)! Business Women Networking Online is a spot for women in business (entreprenuers, direct sales, bloggers, network marketers, and more) to network with like minded business women and promote, teach, learn, and share ideas.



To bring business women together to network in a virtual environment.


Business Women Networking Online was founded in August 2011. It originally started as a website for military wives with businesses to network and promote their businesses. The website started to gain interest from business women who were not affiliated with the military and grew to be open to all.
If you are a woman with a business, a blogger, an entrepreneur, or professional woman of any kind, join us and start networking.
Make sure you create a free business listing on our website as well for even more networking opportunities.

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